Why get Electric Windshield Wipers?

1. Reliable operation

2. Consistent speed settings (2 + delay)

3. Dependable operation (don't turn themselves off or on)

4. Adjustable sweep arc and position

5. No maintenance

6. Eliminates Power Steering gearbox seal problems (for some)

7. MOST POPULAR: Intermittent sweep feature for light rain.

8. Knowing that you've modernized your coach

9. Satisfaction of following the latest fad

10. Helps a fellow GMCer with his IRS problems (if I sell enough and lose enough money, I can take it off my taxes).


I may have left out the most common reason: Frustration with the hydraulic control lever, or its total failure. That was really what caused me to design the electric conversion.

When you get a rebuilt hydraulic motor, it comes from Dixielander Bill Telgen, regardless of the dealer. Many years ago Trico put all of their drawings and spare parts into the dumpster -- Bill talked to employees at the factory who saw it happen. He's had to have some parts reproduced in order to be able to repair them. He does a superb job and stands behind his work (he's a retired Delta hydraulics technician). I don't think there's anyone else in the country who can do a complete rebuild of them.

He and I don't even consider ourselves competitors.